Overall objective: increase economic competitiveness and staff skills by developing security software solutions “made-in-Romania” intended for both the operational environment and the public sector, able through their degree of novelty to ensure a strategic advantage for Romania and to ensure public welfare and protection.

  • Specific objective 1: develop AI algorithms using advanced state-of-the-art techniques and architectures based on deep neural networks capable of running in real-time that allow the identification and re-identification of people in different video streams using both static and dynamic information.
  • Specific objective 2: development of dedicated analysis software services with a secure architecture and developed in accordance with operational standards / requirements, modular so that any new functionality does not require reprogramming of the system, scalable to multiple existing and new video sources, and optimized to ensure all real-time processing.
  • Specific objective 3: integration of all software and hardware solutions in an integrated platform that ensures real-time processing from sources multiple, integrates AI algorithms and incorporates “privacy” algorithms and selective encryption. It provides a visual interface with advanced user management. The platform is designed to work with both streams in real-time and with existing recordings, both in “cloud” and “stand-alone” mode.
  • Specific objective 4: ensure GDPR compliance at all levels of the solutions with personal information fully secured and encrypted. Development of trustworthy and explainable AI algorithms.